Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Craft Room

Sweet Dizzy boy has made himself comfy on the couch. He must know mama is going to be in here for a while.

new material for a baby quilt

Fresh Start

So I went to the doctor for a check up yesterday. It had been over a year since my last appt. I needed to go to get a refill on my anxiety meds. But I had been dreading this appt for so long because I knew I had gained over 20 pounds since my last time there. So my very sweet, skinny Dr. Shane Mills walks in and asks how I'm doing I said, "ok, but I have gained over 20 pounds" he says very politely, "I see that on your chart". So he asks me how my anxiety meds are still working for me and if I would be interested in trying a prescription diet pill. During most of my life I have hated taking any kinds of meds ever. But since being on anti-anxiety meds I have really packed the pounds on and energy level is shot! So I tell him yes I would like to try them. Today is my first day on the new "skinny pill", took skinny pill and "happy pill" as I like to call them. My plans are to eat smaller portions, try to make smarter choices, lots of water and walk for at least 30 min 5 days a week. Wish me luck.